Königsberg, East Prussia

 ...like finding bones in a cemetery.

(Author Michael Wieck, a Holocaust survivor who grew up in Königsberg and returned in 1992,  once wrote that: “Anyone who goes to Kaliningrad today shouldn’t expect to find Königsberg.  There is a building here or there that recalls the past, but these leftovers from Königsberg’s existence are like finding bones in a cemetery.")



How much is left of the original City of Königsberg? Some people have argued that Kaliningrad is still Königsberg but now under a different name, but that would be true only for folks who reduce the meaning of a city to a specific location on a map.

However, that seems to fall a little short of how we usually talk about a city, i.e., in terms of its people, its culture and its history, as well as its place and function in a country’s socio-economic or political structure. Here, we clearly do have a tale of two cities, that - while located in the same place - they are different cities in terms of their history, culture and ethnicity, and even the country that they are located in, and that includes the official language

Some might still want to claim the two cities are one and the same since enough bricks and mortar were left standing to claim a degree of physical continuity between the two to the extent that – if you looked hard enough- you would be able to find enough of the original Königsberg to justify the claim.
But the extent to which the bombed out remains of Königsberg were violated after the Soviets took possession in 1945 - and essentially left to rot until recently, or simply bulldozed away earlier, with the useful bits shipped back to the motherland – the unique and historic City of Konigsberg ceased to exist when the last remaining ethnic German was kicked out after 1945 to find their way across the distant Oder-Neisse border, courtesy of Joseph Stalin and his ethnic cleansing program so shamefully condoned by the Allied Forces.



 Restored Königsberg Dom

The restoration of the Dom on former Kneiphof island appears complete, and many other older buildings have undergone some form of restoration – replete with ersatz red roofing tiles made of metal in order to appear original in connection with the 750 year celebrations. But the introduction of typical uninspired Stalinist architecture during the 1970’s further demeaned the tragic remains of Konigsberg in the form of the usual drab Soviet-style apartment blocks, adding insult to injury in light of the many fine century old buildings and wonderful architecture that they replaced.

House of Soviets

This includes the ultimate insult to architecture anywhere – the multi-story House of Soviets at the site of the destroyed Königsberg Castle – a concrete apparition so excruciatingly ugly, it has been frequently referred to as the ugliest building in the world. Left unfinished for over 20 years, the exterior was painted light blue and windows were installed, for a visit by then-President Vladimir Putin in 2005. However, the interior remains unfinished and unusable.

restored architecture

The City of Kaliningrad deserves credit for restoring and maintaining at least some of the original Konigsberg architecture


Some years ago I came across a Russian website where someone had posted a number of photographs of present day Kalinigrad that included things or glimpses of the original Königsberg. I attempted to contact the originator to see ifi could use some of these images on my site, but was unsuccessful. The site has long since disappeared, but I had saved it earlier, so am presenting these images now ... I will provide due credit to the owner of these images if contacted with the evidence to that effect. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Kreuz Apotheke Building

The Kreuze Apotheke building on Konigstrasse was completely burned out following the final RAF bombing raids of WWII. As recently as 2012 it appears to have been left untouched.

bombed out in city centre

These are the bombed-out remains of the building  to the right of it, also not restored as of 2012

Cascades Today

The building where once the cascade between the upper and lower pond was located.

Blending Old and Newer Buildings

Blending the Old with the (not so) New

Kings Gate

Kings Gate - War damage has now been restored (2005)

war damage

Traces of WWII can still be found in many places.

Medical Clinic Sign


Fire Hydrant



Water Works


Zoo Entrance

Zoo Pavilion

Zoo Pavilion

Zoo Image


Zoo Image

Moos Statue

Zoo Image

Rubbish Bin

Zoo Image

Lonely Bear in Kaliningrad Zoo

Kaliningrad Image

Administrative Building

Kaliningrad Image

Restored Building

Kaliningrad Image

Restored with replica metal roofing tiles

Kaliningrad Image

Dilapidated  House in Kalinigrad

Kaliningrad Image

Similar House Completely Renovated

Kaliningrad Image

Original Statue of Fighting Bulls

German Building


Another gate

Sackheimer Tor / Sackheim Gate


Defensive Fort

Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Image

Museum Courtyard

Museum of Amber