Königsberg, East Prussia

kaliningrad- aerial shot

Today Kaliningrad is the administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. As of the 2002 Census, its population was 430,003.







Restored Dom on Kneiphof Island
 The restored Dom Cathedral
Former Hansaplatz in 2012
 Former Hansaplatz - Now Victory Square
Former Albert University
 Former Albert University
Former Luisen Theatre
 Former Luisen Theatre (Google Image)
former Jewish Orphanage
Former  Jewish Orphanage on Left. A new synagogue is now under construction where the circus tent stands. (Google Image)
Former Main postoffice
 Former Main Post Office on Left (Google Image)
Former Police Headquarters
Former Police Headquarters - corner of Friedrich-Händel Strasse and Fuchsberger Allee (Google Image)

Königsberg as Kaliningrad in 2005


These sets of pictures compare the same location, with roughly 65 years in between ... So much has changed here!


... in 1939


... in 2005




  Please click this link for many more before-and-after images of Königsberg as a result of WWII